Health tourism in Turkey has become a sector that has shown great development in recent years and makes significant contributions to the country’s economy. Kürem Medikal, which always follows innovation in its field, started to serve health tourism with its eye clinic in Bursa Medical Center Meditown under the brand Free Eye Health.

Why Free Eye Health?
Free Eye Eye Clinic is a high-level clinic with its experience in health services and expert medical team. We successfully perform many eye operations. We provide health services to both our local and foreign guests in the ancient historical city of Bursa.

Our Doctors, with many years of experience, are among the leaders in the field of ophthalmology, as evidenced by their membership in foreign professional associations. We serve our guests in Bursa. While working with many doctors who are experts in their fields; We benefit from all the possibilities of technology in cataract, glaucoma, vision defects and glasses-free operations. . These collaborations make Free Eye Health the most comprehensive private eye clinic.

We work with the most modern FDA-approved technologies. These companies are world leaders in ophthalmic medical technology. We regularly update our technology to offer our guests the best the current market has to offer.

As Free Eye Health, we provide maximum comfort and convenience to our guests. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and confident, whether you are having a regular eye exam or eye surgery.

Even though there is no need for concern, we recognize that for some people the decision to have surgery requires a certain amount of courage. Our accompanying expert staff guides you step by step through the entire surgery preparation process so that you can lie on the operating table without worry and with the joyful expectation of better vision.

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