As Turkey’s leading concept medical center, Meditown, which set out to become the new center of health tourism with the modern health services it offers, was also indispensable. As Kürem Medikal, we bring together your Meditown, health and quality of life in the heart of Bursa, the historical capital of the Ottoman Empire, in the lively atmosphere of Downtown.

Meditown sets a new standard in diversity and quality in healthcare. In their offices, expert physicians offer pioneering practices of modern medicine equipped with the latest technology. Health branches, each specialized in their own field, meet under the roof of Meditown. An innovative experience in healthcare awaits you here.

Meditown, which is not only a health center but also a favorite point of health tourism, also opens its doors to international patients. You can find Turkey’s power in health tourism here. With the packages we have prepared specifically for you, we offer a perfect option for everyone who values your health and wants to have an unforgettable city experience.

Meditown, intertwined with the history and energy of Bursa, is located in the heart of Downtown. This is where health and life meet in perfect harmony. After your treatment, explore the historical texture of the city, enjoy shopping and experience delicious local cuisine. Health and pleasure together is the privilege of Meditown.

We welcome everyone who cares about your health at the doors of Meditown. Discover the innovative face of modern medicine, take steps towards a healthy life and have an unforgettable experience. While Meditown prioritizes your health, it also adds color to your life. The meeting point of health and life, Meditown.