VOPTICA is a company based in Murcia, Spain, and a pioneer of optical technologies in the ophthalmic field. Since its founding, the company has carried out rigorous R&D to develop innovative solutions, especially in areas such as adaptive optics and intraocular lenses.

One of VOPTICA’s most notable products is VAO®, the world’s only adaptive optics-based visual simulator device. This technology allows ophthalmologists and surgeons to simulate patients’ visual outcomes in advance and optimize them before surgical interventions. In this way, there is a chance to achieve better results for personalized eye surgery and treatments.

In addition, VOPTICA’s intraocular lens set called ArtIOLs® is a groundbreaking product in the field of eye health. This lens set features a meniscus shape that improves peripheral quality and provides extended depth of focus. Unlike traditional lenses, it significantly improves patients’ visual experience by offering a more natural field of view.

The company’s products are used in ophthalmology centers, eye hospitals and surgical units worldwide. These innovative technologies for eye health attract great attention, especially across Europe and internationally. VOPTICA’s mission is focused on improving patients’ eye health and maximizing visual outcomes through personalized treatments. With this approach, the company holds a leading position in the ophthalmology field and continues to constantly develop new and innovative solutions.